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An Istanbul-based magazine by teens about art, fashion, life, and travel.



We are a small group of high school students who love sharing ideas and stories with other teenagers and teen-spirited adults.

The name ‘9’ came from our initials – NINE: Nil, Iman, Nur, Emine.




Nil Üzer

I’m Nil, a high school student and one of the co-founders of 9 Magazine. I am interested in arts, especially theatre and music, as well as a wide range of this and that. I usually write about what I find interesting and like to include my opinions in my writing. I am very open to different experiences and I try to mention them in my articles. Some of my favorites include: “22nd Istanbul Theatre Festival,” “Let Everyone Love What They Love!” and “A Quick London Tour.”

Iman Taha

I’m Iman, a fifteen-year-old student at Hisar High School, a fashion designer (ehm, self-promo: @imanluxury on Instagram) and one of the co-founders of 9 Magazine. I mostly make seasonal mood-boards for the magazine’s fashion section and, occasionally, write articles. Some of my best work includes; “Summer in Stripes,” “Spring Mood-Board” and “9 Flower Inspired Dresses.”


Nur Güzeldere

Hi, I’m Nur, a fifteen-year-old high school student from Istanbul. I am the co-founder, editor, writer, and photographer of 9 Magazine. I’m mainly interested in photography, cinema, performing arts. As well as 9 Magazine, I also contribute to Defiant Magazine as a photographer. Some of my best works – I guess – include: ‘’Forgotten Women Artists In Art History: Mihri Müşfik’,” ‘’An Interview With Ella Fields, Director of LGBTQ+ Short Film Bubblegum,” ‘’Reuse.’’ and many more.


Emine Taha

Hi, I’m Emine, a sixteen-year-old student at a French high school in Istanbul. I’ve been participating in Destination Imagination for years, love traveling, I swim (not professionally), oh, and I’m the co-founder, writer, editor of 9 Magazine. I enjoy writing about anything that catches my eye. If you’re interested in learning more about what I write, you should check out these articles: “The Kings & Queens of Prince Street,”A Jean-ius Would Have Added Pockets,” and An Extra Ten Minutes Before Dinner?!” plus many more *wink wink*



Every season, we start publishing a new issue of 9 Magazine. 

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