We are all very excited for 2018, and there’s not much left in 2017. So what are you going to do this year? Here are 35 ideas.

(side note: you can use these for your one goal every month challenge, [read more on that here] or you can choose to set them as new years resolutions.)

Things you can do in 2018:

  1. Learn how to draw the world map.
  2. Learn how to cook 4 meals. (one every week)
  3. Improve your reading speed.
  4. Live a simpler; more minimal life. (muchelleb.com.au)
  5. Don’t argue with anyone.
  6. Dance every day. (for no reason)
  7. Memorize the names of every country in the world.
  8. While you’re at it, also learn where every country is located.
  9. Go vegan.
  10. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  11. Say what comes to your mind to people even if it hurts them.
  12. Learn how to draw people.
  13. Have a more balanced diet; stay away from chocolate, sugar, fast food.
  14. Read at least 10 (or 5-20, it’s up to you) pages every day. (you will have developed a habit of reading every day)
  15. Decide what you value more in life. (health, family, work, friends, money etc. Put these in order)
  16. Research world history.
  17. Call a loved one every day.
  18. Increase your typing speed. (typing.com)
  19. Keep a diary.
  20. Do sports every day.
  21. Read 4 (or more) books that you’ve been wanting to read for a long time.
  22. Wake up earlier than you normally wake up every day, spend some time with yourself, then do the work you normally do in the evening, in the morning. (Of course sleep early)
  23. Improve your street photography.
  24. Improve your portrait photography.
  25. Start learning calligraphy.
  26. Learn how to speak in public.
  27. Listen to a podcast every day.
  28. Visit a museum every weekend.
  29. Eat out one day a week.
  30. Become a tourist in your own city.
  31. Try to contact someone you are a fan of.
  32. Prepare yourself a ‘capsule wardrobe’.
  33. Drink more water.
  34. Learn to code.
  35. Start a collection.
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