“What color do I feel?”

– I don’t know. Pink, I guess…

We tried to capture the unison of people and colors in our experiment that we initiated with the question “What color do you feel?” We call it an experiment because it was full of question marks. The puzzled expression on our friends’ faces when we asked the question and the thrill we felt the day of the shooting could be examples. Why and how did we begin this journey of colors? The lighting and shades are beautiful but what do they represent?

Our world consists of very different people, animals, plants and destinations. All of them being unique is what makes our world COLORFUL. The fact that all of us are different and unique makes our surroundings even beautiful. This means more COLORS to see and experience!

We tried to challenge monotony with a question: Which color do you see when you close your eyes and what does this color make you feel? We present our friends with the camera lens’ commentary on the colors they have chosen in other words “felt” reflected on their faces.

We thank all the unique, beautiful and colorful individuals who have helped and supported us during our experiment.

“I chose yellow because it reminds me of sunshine when I close my eyes. Also, I believe that yellow is a gender neutral color.”



“Cotton candy pink is generally considered as a childish and a not so strong color but I feel more empowered and confident when I wear pink. It also reminds me that I don’t have to be serious all the time. Even though I don’t live in a dream-like world, I know that I have the option to be more relaxed.”

Zeynep Su


“I chose green because I think every shade of it is beautiful. Also, no matter what, it provides me with an escape root because I can find green anywhere.”



“Red reminds me of love and courage and when I close my eyes I see red immediately. It gives me joy.”



“My favorite color has always been purple because I think purple symbolizes creativity and authority, and ambition and they are all things that are very important for my life and dear to my heart. I think the different tones of purple can symbolize so many different things and so many different emotions – so it’s kind of diverse in that sense. And also I just realized this: my mom’s favorite color is red, and my dad’s favorite color is blue, and the combination is purple – and mine was always purple, forever, I don’t know why.”



“It’s not as furious as red and not as innocent as yellow.”



“We (at least I) can never be the perfect good or the perfect bad, that’s why for me, grey represents life. No matter how much we want it to be, I think, things never turn out cotton candy pink, sky blue, water blue or green.”



“Mustard yellow reminds me of May, the beginning of summer and I like it so much; because I love May.”



“When I think about myself and my personality the first color that pops up in my mind is red because no matter how bad the situation is it is a color that empowers me. It is the color of rage and love.”



“I usually like cold colors compared to warm colors. Blue has been my favorite color since childhood. Royal blue represents nobility and a bit of a dullness looks pretty, as in personality I am quite distant to strangers.”



“I think bronze doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Although it is held in contempt, I like the fact that it is the only pure metal given in the Olympics.”



“I chose purple because it is detached from the monotone state of life and is reminiscent of a dream.”



“Red and black are plain but vibrant, enclosed but at the same time explicit colors. Red is an outstanding, stinging color but it’s also plain, peaceful and relaxing. It stands out but also makes you say ‘ahh…'”



This chaos that goes on in our home, Earth, never stops. It is getting harder to call a place “home,” where differences aren’t accepted and instead seen as flaws. Our world is more peaceful, vibrant and most importantly more COLORFUL with all the different creatures living on it. We all exist with our differences and we can only live in peace when we accept each other as we are, neither more nor less. With all the wishes of loving and feeling all of our colors without being ashamed of them…


NOTE: “Renk” means color in Turkish, and “Ahenk” is harmony. The title is a word play since “Rengarenk” means colorful.

Maide Çebi is a guest photographer and writer at 9 Magazine. She has contributed in our photoshoot “RE-ditorial”, and has written an article for 9.

Edited by Emine Taha

Translated by Nil Üzer

Contribution to production: Nur Güzeldere, Emine Taha, İman Taha

Models, in alphabetical order: Aker Özçevik, Ali Eren Nur, Arda Dinsoy, Ata Kızılırmak, Christopher Jones, Duru Şibik, Elif Duru Erdoğan, Emre Ural, İrem Koldemir, Rengin Yıldız, Uzay Koldemir, Yasemin Cem, Zeynep Su Tezel

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