I was never someone who could keep a proper diary. I remember pushing myself to write in a diary and have a routine. Eventually, I lost the diary which shows writing was not the best way for me to look back at my memories.

Trying to remember all of 2019 on the final day is almost impossible. At least for me, it is overwhelming and very tiring.

Now I take photographs rather than writing. The majority of people prefer visuals to keep valuable moments in their memory. However, taking photos is not meaningful if you are not looking back at them.

It’s impossible to share all the important moments of 2019, so here is a small selection of memories that became unforgettable with photographs. 


New York, June


Istanbul, August


Venice, November (one week after the biggest flood in 50 years)


New York, June (Mother daughter at Pride March)


Istanbul, September


Istanbul, April (My photograph was exhibited for the first time)


Büyükada, September


Istanbul, August


New York, June


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