drawing by Idil Bike Miftakhov

Fairy tales blend into our shadows by leaving wounds open in our subconscious while molding our “shadow,” which remains unnoticed by those who cannot descend beneath the threshold of consciousness.

These wounds never heal, but wounds have colors, shadows, contrasts. Perhaps what differs us from being only good or evil and what makes us human while accepting all our peculiarities as well as fatal faults and what lies in the depths of our unconsciousness are those colors. Being human or acting like one, the human race (which is distant from the clarity of our minds yet which appears to be ostentatious); the light cast by these words is considered as a tool which indicates the dark that must be stayed away from(!), is being considered as the source of the transition from creature to human being. How did the word human race become so glamorous? Take a look at those around you; do you, can you see a great, major side of them or of their state of despair standing out? Since when corresponding to the expression “good person“ necessitates neutralizing in the scale, determined by the human race? In my estimation, a person can truly accept themselves by facing and acquiescing their shadow. Looking to the thin curtain which separates us from our subconscious, the shadow which will guide us seems frightening: your face, body but it is normal that it makes your hair stand on end; it is the dark part that was cast out and the reason it seems threatening may be explained by roughly 2 reasons:

a) All surpressed desires are formed by sins, what is our essential failure is us not being pleased by the achievements, stolen by our shadow. It is one of those sentiments that remain unnamed, unexplained, and unnoticed.

b) Do not expect mercy from your shadow remained excluded, which you were forced to exclude (this force may transmit by collective unconscious). It is the woman, thrown to the oven by Gretel who realized her maternal instincts; the evil man, hidden behind the image of  “big bad wolf;” the woman, not being hidden behind any image on account of her being feminine.

If being human is looking to light and blinding yourself without facing your shadow, I am a defective person, or not even a human at all; I don’t even have a place in the scale. But if being human means the reconciliation among shadows and unconscious, for the first time I may call myself human, sincerely and freely.

If I deny my deep relationship with evil, I deny my own reality.

If a person, says Jung, “learns how to face its own shadow, that person contributes and does something real for the world. That person deals with at least a really small part of today’s big unsolved problems.“

Shadow is the guide to the journey of conscience, adulthood, light. Lucifer means carrier of light.

While discussing Jung, LeGuin says that children find their ego’s in cockchafer and their shadows under their beds. In my opinion, a child’s shadows lie in fairy tales. As mentioned, I don’t believe that children don’t have shadows, nevertheless, a child can so easily defragment with its shadow that shadows darken only if one grows away from its ego. Shadow is our ugliest part, but not the weakest.

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