Even though the 15th Istanbul Biennial is finished it is still in our lives with the black ‘’A Good Neighbour’’ bag. This year the Istanbul Biennial was very popular not just in Turkey but also worldwide. We are sure that you have seen a lot of articles and news this fall about the biennial and the Elmgreen & Dragset duo -even in Vogue Turkey- so we decided to share some comments and criticism about this years ‘’A Good Neighbour’’

I’ve had the chance to witness what hundreds of people think about one single topic.

The Biennial, generally speaking, was really good and was worth a visit. Even though I went for a field trip I had a better time than I thought I would, because the artist who took part in the exhibition created pieces that portrayed modern life and the moods of people nowadays in a proper manner and interesting style.

The Istanbul Biennial destroyed the prejudices that I had previously made in my mind that museums are boring. The work was fascinating, interesting and unique. That’s why I enjoyed it a lot and it stayed in my mind.

In Biennials: how much art progressed in the world, what did they make, the way humanities thoughts are brought into light using art has always excited me.

It was a mix of pieces that reminded me that I am one and we are one. They portrayed that walking away from each other, abandoning one another is not because of individuality but because of estrangement. From ourselves and from others…

It was nice and different. But it should be more open to change and needs improvement.

In the Istanbul Biennial, the topic this year was “A Good Neighbour”. This topic made people from every age group look for something inside them and eventually find it.

It showed the deep meaning of being a good neighbour perfectly.

In this year’s biennial, there were a few pieces that caught my eye. The artworks were amazing, but I also loved how the tour guides were very prepared.

It was very nice and interesting but it didn’t impress me as much as the previous biennial. I still liked it and I think that everyone should see it.

Biennials, unlike exhibitions, revolve around a theme and the artists put every little detail to thought which makes the viewers think about every little detail too. This years theme was “A Good Neighbour” which is ironic because this year, as a country we weren’t very good neighbours to our fellow neighbour countries. All around the world we can see that good neighbours are hard to find. The first step in becoming a good neighbour would be getting to know your neighbours. The biennial widened our horizons on the concept of what a good neighbour is. This year, like every other year, I thought that the biennial was very successful.

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