“Little Time”, a café that opened during the summer in Teşvikiye, is providing a pleasant atmosphere at 08.00-00.00 every-day except Sunday (10.00-22.00). The menu contains a large variety of coffee, fresh juices, tea and homemade lemonade, which can be drank all year long. Other than these, the café serves its customers homemade cheesecakes, pastries and cakes. We, of course, wanted to learn a bit more about this new café. We had a chance to talk to Hasan Şaşmaz, the owner of Little Time: “I opened Little Time because, I think it’s (opening a café) one of the best job opportunities nowadays.”

What are some difficulties you faced during the opening process?

Decorating was one of the most important issues during the opening process. The decoration process was hard and exhausting because our goal was to make the customers feel comforted, so we needed to provide them with a relaxing place. During the process, we had many difficulties with the architect who we were working with. Another struggle was that our customers wanted to sit outside, in front of the café. Due to their request, we had problems with the government, trying to get permission.

What changed in your life after the café was opened?

Working at the café is fun because, you get to chat with the customers and serve them the food you’re selling, try to please them. As you please them, you enjoy it and this makes you happier. Another thing that changed in my life after the café was opened is that the customers’ friendship provided me many contacts. Also, we learned a great deal about life from them while we were spending time with them.

How have things been going on since the café was opened?

During the first days, it has been hard and tiring because you’re stepping into a new business and you want everything to be perfect. That’s why you try your best. You’re excited, thinking if you’re going to be successful but, once you manage it, you realize that it’s enjoyable. Since our café is a successful one now, I am really pleased.

How can you explain the atmosphere you’re trying to provide for your customers?

We try to make our customers feel good and relaxed in the café. That’s why we offer them our tables comfortable and clean. We play nice and comforting songs which will relax and not exhaust them. We show them the necessary affection.

Which are some items from the menu that you suggest?

The item we suggest the most is coffee because the menu is mostly based on coffee. Coffee in the winter, ice coffee in the summer and of course, we provide homemade desserts.


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