I know this is a very annoying title, but if you want to feel like you’ve done something in the new year, read this article.

New Years is a time for many people to think about what they have done last year and to think about what they want to do in the new year. Most of these lists are forgotten after a few days and our resolutions are gone with them. But why?

First of all, how do we decide on our new year resolutions? We evaluate our previous year, determine what we want to change, and what we want to start doing. We write it down, usually one sentence, thinking that it will be enough, and that’s where the problem starts. ‘I will exercise every day!’ is not enough. In the morning or in the evening? For how long? Where?

Before you set a goal, think about all the details. Thinking about the details makes it easier to achieve. Let’s say you exercise every morning, with exercises you’ll find on the internet. Do you have 15 minutes in the morning? If not, can you make that 15 minutes? From which website? By thinking about these details, you will have made your goal more achievable by adapting it to your own lifestyle.


That’s a very good question. There’s a lot you can do. You can find 35 examples in this post: 2018 New Years Resolution Ideas

I selected 12 things that I want to learn or do. I plan to set one of them as a goal every month. Some of them are things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but I couldn’t get to them because they were always at the end of my list. Now they are my priority.

Think about it, do you have something that you wanted to do a lot last year, but you said ‘I am very busy, I’ll do it later’ and you never got to it? Maybe it’s going somewhere, maybe it’s learning something, maybe it’s changing a habit… Write down the things that come to your mind.

How many do you have?  If it’s not 12, think a little more. Or continue, with fewer items, instead of monthly goals you could do seasonal goals.

– Is there anything you’ve seen that you wish you could do? (like drawing a human face)

– Do you have anything you need to learn in the future, something you can learn now so you have less to do later on? (like learning how to cook)

If you still don’t have enough items, you can look at my example list I mentioned above.

Ok, I assume you’ve completed a 12-item list after so many examples, so let’s continue.


Detail each item.

Example 2 on the list:

I will learn to cook 4 different dishes.

  • In that case, I will learn to cook a meal every week.
  • I will do the same recipe every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday to do it properly.
  • If I don’t perfect it by Sunday, I will try again on an available evening next week.


Of course, all your goals will not be this hard. If you choose something like ‘I will not argue with anyone’ all you have to do is stop yourself. (actually it’s a little harder to not argue for a month, but at least it takes less time)

If your next year is more or less planned, you can decide what to do each month according to your calendar. If you are very busy right now, you can set one for January and then set the rest later.

Of course, a new start does not just mean new goals…

Sometimes forgetting the old and opening a new page, looking at the previous page is a continuation of it. It tells something else but it is linked to the previous page.

Sometimes it is a whole new book. A new page is not always the solution. If you feel like it, start from scratch. Maybe you haven’t had a very good year, you are not happy, forget the things that make you sad. If you can’t, try to avoid it. Increase the number of things that make you happy.

There is something very important that we should not forget;

We don’t have to start at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of the month, or at the beginning of the year to do something or change our lives. If you decide on April 19th, not January 1, it doesn’t decrease your chances of achieving a goal. Still, times like New Year give us a chance. It even has it in the name, NEW year. So we need to see these days as a chance.

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