It is not men to blame for violence against women, but ignorance. We planned to mobilize you in this work we did in collaboration with our friends. Currently, there is violence against all kinds of living things. Especially recently, violence against women has reached such a stage that there are almost some people getting used to this situation.

Surely there are people around you who are exposed to violence. Physical abuse, psychological abuse, failure to provide the most basic rights such as living, reading and going out freely… isn’t it time to say stop to all this? Will you be one of those who have gotten used to it? If your heart tells you to take a step in order to provide “justice”, if you are tired of all this violence; I invite you to take action.

If everyone continues to sit in their place and keep silent with the thought “will I be the one to save the world”; then yes, no one will be able to save the world. We are responsible as long as we remain silent, and this cycle of violence will harm us as long as we do not stop it. So let’s say “STOP” to the violence we see all together, and let’s report the violence we see to the authorities such as the police immediately.

This photography series was prepared by guest artist Zehra Uruç. Zehra is 20 years old and studies at Hacettepe University. She finds taking pictures the most powerful way to make her voice heard. You can follow her on Instagram.

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