Who are we?

Hello! We are Nil, İman, Nur, Emine: four friends who started 9 Magazine in 2017, forming a group with the initials of our names. Although we paused 9 Magazine for a while when our website crashed, after a miraculous recovery, we are back.

What do we share?

We started this magazine with articles about art, fashion, life, and travel. However, things have changed. Now you can find our essays, photography series, and reviews under five different categories: artsy fartsy, hot stuff, roll 9, junk drawer, and deep dive.

Meet the Team

Nil Üzer

Hello, this is Nil! 20-year-old student at Arts University Bournemouth, which means I go back and forth between Istanbul and Bournemouth throughout the year. I am interested in music and theatre. It is exciting to be one of 9 Magazine’s N’s once again, let’s see how things unfold 🙂

Iman Taha

I am Iman, a 19-year-old from Istanbul who is currently studying Art History (Visual Arts) and Architecture at Barnard College.  I am interested in art and photography, and how these subjects connect to different aspects of life.

Nur Güzeldere

Hi! I’m Nur Güzeldere, one of the co-founders of the magazine. My interest in art started from an early age with drawing and art history, yet I’ve been recently interested in photography and filmmaking. Sharing art and collaborating with other creatives is one of my priorities in my work.

Emine Taha

Hi, I’m Emine, a 21-year-old Iraqi-Turkish student who grew up in Istanbul, currently studying Sustainable Development and Economics at Columbia University in New York. I am very interested in everything climate-related, more currently in sustainable building and impact investing.

Defne Özgüven

Hi everyone!! Defne Özgüven, 21, Istanbul but actually Paris. Sir yes, sir. I’m studying biology and computer science at Sorbonne University. I have personal beef with historical figures. No one asked but I WILL give my opinion.