Marie-Gabrielle Capet lived in a time where women artists were underestimated.

Born in 1761 as a daughter of a servant, many people may think that she had no chance at all but her paintings were exhibited at the Salon de la Jeunesse.

Portrait of Mme J L Germain, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761-1818)

In 1781 she went to Paris to learn painting more professionally. Her first drawings and paintings were exhibited at the Salon de Jeunesse and Salon de la Correspondence.

In Paris, she was accepted to learn painting from Adelaide Labille-Guiard (1749-1803). After they met in Paris they lived together for a long time until Guiard died.

Atelier of Madame Vincent, Marie-Gabrielle Capet, 1808


Simon Charles Miger, Marie-Gabrielle Capet, 1806


Self Portrait, 1783

When you realize that almost all the paintings were painted by men for a long time, women artists become more and more important and inspirational in art history.



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