One of the shops which you can visit if you past by is called Biberon[Baby Bottle]. Yes, Biberon. Why?

“When I first decided to open I was so worried I couldn’t do it by myself that I called my best friend Berrin to ask if she’d help me. She said she would gladly help. We grew up as five girls and our group’s name was Biberon. Berrin was one of them, now she’s here with me everyday just to help me even though she lives far away and doesn’t get paid. Then while we were thinking of a name my ex husband Levent suggested ‘There cannot be a better name than Biberon it’s about your friendship and also sympathetic.’ That’s why we named here Biberon.”

Janset Bilgin, the owner of the shop, tells her story like this. She uses her shop, which is open everyday, both as a cafe and jewellery shop.

The best part about Biberon is that it doesn’t have a specific menu, it changes everyday and a new taste will be waiting the customers every other day. The thing that doesn’t change is the admiration breakfast gathers. Other than breakfast, cupcakes are preferred but the best product is certainly the brownie.

Aside the cafe, the jewellers which are made of half priced gem stones are made by Janset Bilgin. There is a minority of gold and diamond jewels. Janset Bilgin jewels are separated into certain collections such as: Lokum[Delight], Kybele, Gold&Diamond, Adore, Gypsy and Erkek[Men].

Adress: Müeyyetzade Mah. Tatarbeyi Sk. No:34 / B34425 Galata Beyoğlu İstanbul

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