A few weeks ago I was walking in the streets of New York City, on my way to dinner with some friends and family. I had been walking for quite I while – I was on my way back from interviewing someone in SoHo (for article that will be published soon), having a bit of extra time, I stopped for iced tea, did everything  to entertain myself in the limited free time I had. Then I opened google maps and saw that the Spanish restaurant which was my end goal was only ten minutes away. TEN! I had twenty! I didn’t want to sit in a restaurant alone for that long! Especially not after a one-and-a-half-hour interview.


I looked down and saw the camera bag hanging from my neck.

I looked up and saw the many buildings around me.

I looked down again and took out the camera.

I looked up again and took a picture.

I didn’t only take one, but many.

Here are the best ones.

Hope you enjoy.



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