Wearing secondhand clothes or shopping vintage is seen as hard by many – but maybe they’re wrong. Since reusing clothes is much better than buying new ones, we decided to put ourselves to the test. Reusing clothes from our relatives’ past, clothes they have bought in past years but passed on to us, clothes we bought from vintage stores and created 9 looks.

Dress from Rag & Roll Vintage – 70 TL


Leather Jacket (secondhand) – Reiss

T-shirt (secondhand) – Anvil

Skirt (secondhand) – James Dalgliesh


Shirt: Rag & Roll Vintage – 20 TL

Jacket (secondhand) – KL by Karl Lagerfeld

Pant (secondhand) – Joseph

Blazer (secondhand) – Zara


Jacket (secondhand) – Belair


Vest and jacket (secondhand) – Kenzo

Pants (secondhand) – Joseph


Jacket (secondhand) – Burberry 

Blouse (secondhand) – Gucci

Sunglasses (secondhand) – Paul Smith 

Bonus – the roses were all dried up and painted white, so that’s reused too.


Sweater (secondhand) – Yargıcı

Bag (secondhand) – Gucci

Pants (secondhand) – Joseph

Jacket: The most interesting piece… This was originally a beige leather dress (stained and ripped) and was restyled by Ayşe Yılmaz using silk fabric and adding ruffles. To close the stains she used navy leaf patches. Looks very professional. We know. If you have something old you want to restyle, email us at to get in touch with her.

Photographers: Maide Çebi, Nur Güzeldere, and Emine Taha

Models: İpek Nil Şamcı and Emine Taha

Text: Emine Taha

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