I am one of the co-founders of 9 Magazine, and, as some of you may know, I was an aspiring fashion designer for a long time.

I was eleven when, out of the blue, I decided to make a clothing collection. I did not know what got into me but I had this sudden urge to start creating something. I did not know how to make clothes, and I didn’t have piles of fabric lying around my house, so I got creative, using anything I could find—tablecloths, trash bags, newspapers—to create my first collection.

After designing for over five years and creating eight collections, I decided to stop. A lot of thought went into this decision, but I will write a short version of it here. Fashion began to feel like a chore and not a passion that was blocking me from pursuing all of my other passions. Before I decided to stop pursuing fashion design, I began to make my Spring-Summer 2020 collection, which I never completed. Here are the pictures taken in the last photoshoot I did for my fashion line. These garments would have been a part of the fashion show that never happened.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Photographers: Iman Taha and Emine Taha

Model: Mira Weber

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