It was about this time last year that we decided to go to Yedigöller, a national park in Bolu, Turkey. It takes about 4 hours to get to Yedigöller from Istanbul. There are 7 lakes, walking trails, bungalows for accommodation and camping areas where you can bring your own tent and stay for a few nights. It is a popular excursion for tourists, especially in the fall when the falling leaves cover the surfaces of the lakes.

It’s said that the best season to visit the National Park is fall. The leaves turning orange, the mist rising off of the lakes, the cool weather, and the earthy smell after the rain makes it one of the best fall destinations. Whether you want to photograph the fall foliage or just admire the beauty of the lakes and nature, it is a great alternative for a weekend getaway if you live near Bolu. It can also be a great day trip if you’re visiting Istanbul.

Here are some of the photos I took during our trip:



Ipek Nil Şamcı is a guest writer for 9 Magazine who loves photography. This is her first article for our website.

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