Theatre has been considered as an area of arts for many centuries. It evolved throughout the time and people never let go of it except for those times when it had been forbidden for political reasons.

It is a way to criticise people, the government, recent and past events and all sorts of things which are controversial. On stage, all these things become a part of a separate play than real life which makes the criticism easier. When you think about it, you see that it is just like every other area of arts, criticising and reflecting messages, but in a different way.

In theatre people themselves are the material for arts. Their voice and gestures create the play as well as the idea behind the play. On stage, actors adopt different personalities. What happens on the stage is as real as it is fictional.

Theatre is a way which people can communicate through an international language. Even though they don’t speak the same language in their daily lives, on stage they all understand the same thing. The use of vocal and gestures make this possible.

Clearly, an area of art like theatre couldn’t be ignored. For that, International Theatre Instıtute (ITI) and the World Theatre Day which ITI created exists. It has been celebrated for fifty-six years on every 27 March.

Obviously, theatre will not disappear anytime soon. Happy World Theatre Day!

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