Note: Information in this page is outdated as the website has been inactive since 2021.

An Istanbul-based magazine by teens about art, fashion, life, and travel.


We are a small group of high school students who love sharing ideas and stories with other teenagers and teen-spirited adults.

The name ‘9’ came from our founders’ initials – NINE: Nil, Iman, Nur, Emine.


Every season, we start publishing a new issue of 9 Magazine. Articles and photo series are prepared by our team and guest writers.

We collect the articles under four main categories:





We also have an Instagram account where we often share various events, news, interesting people and photos from our archives.


Nil Üzer

Hi everyone! I’m Nil, a 17-year-old high school student and one of the co-founders of 9 Magazine and 9 Around the World. I am interested in arts, especially theatre and music, as well as a wide range of this and that. I enjoy watching figure skating and playing the piano, especially romantic era pieces. You can usually find me sleeping throughout the day or attending a theatre rehersal. I can say that I am the epitome of a night owl for I work best at night.

Iman Taha

I’m Iman, a sixteen-year-old student at Hisar High School, and one of the co-founders of 9 Magazine. At the moment I’m really interested in photography and have been sharing a lot of photography series here, but I also write articles. Some of my best work includes; “Fashion Inspired by Art” “Spring 2019 Mood-Board”, and “Postcards From Venice Beach”.

Nur Güzeldere

Hi, I’m Nur, a high school student from Istanbul. I am one of the co-founders of 9 Magazine. I enjoy photography, filmmaking and skateboarding. My photography work has appeared in Defiant Movement, Kudeta Magazine, Wonders Zine, and international film festivals. You can find me on Instagram @nursphotodiary.

Emine Taha

Hi, I’m Emine Taha, an eighteen-year-old senior at a French high school in Istanbul. I’m half Turkish and half Iraqi-Kurdish. One of the co-founders of 9 Magazine and co-founder and creator of 9 Around the World, I’m very interested in everything climate change related and can go about related issues forever. I love open-water swimming and traveling.


Elif Duru Erdoğan

Hi everyone, I’m Duru. I’m a 17-year-old high school student living in Istanbul. I try to raise awareness about human and animal rights, gender equality, LGBT +, discrimination, in short, all the issues that concern life. We can say I’m trying to make my voice heard about topics I believe in, to change something in the world, even if it is small. Apart from these, I am interested in dance, music, makeup and cinema. You can see me as a guest writer in 9-Magazine with my articles called “Women’s Bodies, Still Sexualized” and “Why Animal Testing is a Problem“.

Defne Özgüven

Hi everyone! I’m Defne, an eighteen year old highschool student. I like sharing my thoughts with people, and I believe 9 Magazine is a great place for that. I can speak Turkish, English and French. I’m really into Greek mythology, philosophy, space, science and arts. I also like listening to alt, rock and kpop, especially BTS, Loona and Red Velvet. I love watching movies, various tv shows and anime. I hate the red heart emoji but use it excessively. I tend to talk a lot about things I hate but I’m in no way a negative person. Sunshine and smiles only. Except I only wear black. (The photo above is an exception)

İdil Bike Miftakhov

Hi, I’m İdilbike, a 16 year old high school student in İstanbul. I’m interested in illustrating, designing, traveling and also am fond of animations. I suppose it was my passion for reading that triggered my ambition to write. I first started to contribute to Defiant Magazine, now I take part in 9 Magazine as article writer. Although my articles are about various topics, there’s a part of me and my experiences, memories in each and every one of them. Some of my favorites include: “Collective Unconscious, Fairy Tales and Shadow”, “Far From The Madding Crowd”.

Mey Gökyay

Hi, I’m Mey, I’m a 17 year old student from Istanbul. I am a prospective Anthropology and Sociology student, currently studying in Hisar High School. I am a writer and photographer for 9 magazine. I am interested in global politics and women’s issues. In my free time I design, sculpt and generally do anything that is related to arts, aside that I also love educating myself on current events in the world. I will be writing on systemic racism, mental health, and the general patriarchal topics. You can find me on instagram @meygokyay & @notadisposable.

Uzay Koldemir

I am Uzay, an eighteen year old high schooler and one of the writers of 9 Magazine. Outside of the magazine, I usually spend my time on building new worlds and creating characters. I like to have a ride around with my bicycle alone while listening to Cavetown or Twenty One Pilots. I am interested in physics, Greek mythology, learning guitar, and different cultures around the world.



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