New York is an amazing city, bustling with different people, sounds, and buildings. But New York can also get tiring sometimes. While everyone is in their apartments, sometimes they feel the need to get out and breathe. Be in the midst of nature. What better place to do that than in New York’s backyard, Central Park?


Located in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park has over 42 million visitors every year, making it the most popular park in the world. It’s quite big, 3.41 square kilometers, and has many attractions in it – a zoo, bridges, 7 artificial lakes, statues and even a castle.


Central Park is a part of many people’s daily routines: walking through the park to get somewhere, biking, running, having a picnic, playing sports…


As I walked through Central Park, here is what caught my eye.


Friends rowing boats in “The Lake” in Central Park


A nice sitting area next to “The Lake” captured from afar


In “Strawberry Fields,” a tribute to John Lennon


The extremely elegant “Bow Bridge”


A woman sitting under Gapstow Bridge


My new favourite spot in the city, where green meets concrete. The Pond, Central Park.


One more photo of the same spot from a slightly different viewpoint because I found it breathtaking.
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