The beginning of summer is a moment many people wait with excitement. People become overjoyed by the hot weather, blossoming flowers and holiday. It’s an understandable situation. A relaxation happens with summer, in some way it is the season of freedom. People who have been portraying the ant becomes the cicada and enjoy the summer. This is the freedom part of summer: Not having to wait for the phone call from Mr. Ahmet, not having to deal with the homework the chemistry teacher assigned. Sometimes you need to enjoy sleeping at one o’clock in the morning and waking up at 11 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes people want to lay down and enjoy their favourite book. Summer is an ideal season for all of these. It grants the luxury to do what people want when they want. It doesn’t overwhelm like winter does or surprises like spring.

The sea is also a part of summer which frees people. A sea with clean water takes people to wonderlands. The pleasure of watching the horizon reaching to eternity, playing in a wavy sea or sometimes floating calmly is priceless. That’s why many people go on holidays in which they spend their time at the seaside. The sun is another necessity which completes summer. There are those who never avoid sun just as there are those who never go out of the umbrella’s shadow during summer. However the joy we feel is same for everyone. The fact that sun sets later, enlightens us as it enlightens our surroundings. People can leave their work to later hours. In many occasions they aren’t aware of how the time passes. People also get the opportunity to escape urban life. They leave the intense working life of the city behind and go to their summerhouses. Sometimes they get the chance to go on vacations they never had the chance to go. You can find the places which you can visit without a visa, that you might want to travel to, in our upcoming article. All these summarises why summer is a season of freedom. Mostly because it makes people feel the inexplicable feeling of freedom, summer is a season in which freedom is at its highest peak.

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