Filmekimi 2018

Filmekimi ended on October 13th. Speaking in general, I really enjoyed the event and its content this year, so I wanted to write my opinions about some of the films I have watched included in the event.

Asako I&II

“Asako I&II” was directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi and the lead actors were Erika Karata and Masahiro Higashide. I went to this movie because it was recommended to me. The movie was about how Asako fell in love with two people, who looked very similar to each other, with a very short amount of time in between the two. Something that stood out to me was how cold colours were used instead of vivid and warm colours. I think this supported what the main character said in the film, that she felt like she has just woken up from a dream she had been living in. Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that the characters’ moves were minimalised. Even in the most important scenes of the movie, the reactions were very small and organized in movement, but very intense in the matter of emotions. Maybe because it was recommended and I had already had an idea of the film, the movie was very different from my expectations.

Translated by: Zeynep Metin


Asako and Ryôhei

Ash Is Purest White

“Ash is Purest White” was directed by Jia Zhang-Ke and the lead actors were Zhao Tao and Liao Fan. It was one of the ones I liked from among what I have watched. It is about a couple’s shaky relationship who are a part of the Chinese gangster world. More to this, the movie focuses on the changes in China, status differences and economic problems. As for the subject, one of my favourtie things was how the main character, Qiao made all her decisions in order to achieve her goal. However the point that caught my attention the most was how Qiao changed with the place she lived in and people beside her, became more mature. Both Qiao and Bin turned into people very different from their old selves.

Translated by: Zeynep Metin




“Girl” was one of the films I enjoyed. It was directed by Lukas Dhont and the main character, Lara was portrayed by Victor Polster. In the movie, problems which a transgender person goes through were reflected effectively. Apart from that, the struggles of a ballet artist were portrayed appropriately that even people like me, who don’t know the technical side of ballet, could relate to it. The film tells the story of a fifteen-year-old girl, Lara’s devotion to ballet and the beginning of her hormone therapy. When these elements came together, a beautiful film, which portrays Lara’s emotional state, was formed.


Lara and her father


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