People have been witnessing many things in arts lately. An instrument, a different film genre or different music genres; people see most of these and like the ones that match their taste. The problem is that they also defame the content they dislike. Of course we should observe the arts content present and determine an appropriate value to it but, we shouldn’t forget that other people may like what we dislike. In this article I wanted to write my opinions on this matter, just as I said before, my opinion might not appeal to everyone but for those who it will appeal to, here are my ideas:


If I should give an example from myself coming across an artist and deciding her art fits my taste, I discovered LP (Laura Pergolizzi) last New Years while listening to music during our family gathering. After I checked out her other songs, LP became one of my favourite singers. Both her voice and songs really appealed to me. She scored a nice spot on my artmeter and she is still one of my favourites.

Laura Pergolizzi


Another example of people embracing a new artist was Grace Vanderwall who was a contestant in America’s Got Talent. Grace, who was twelve at the time, sang one of her original songs with her ukulele. Just like every other thing related to the arts, Grace was evaluated by many people. Some didn’t pay much attention to her while some, including some of my friends, got ahold of a ukulele and sang the song themselves. People who shared their videos on their social media accounts helped spread her music.

Grace Vanderwaal example could also be an example of social media’s effect on people’s interests. The importance of social media influences modern people’s lives in many ways. Especially, people can get access to each other’s interests and even create fan accounts on social media where people across the world with the same interests unite.

Grace Vanderwaal


People share what they like with other people surrounding them, those people sometimes also like that thing or sometimes think it’s not for them. Both of these conclusions are perfectly normal, a person can of course like or dislike certain things, however, the important thing is to keep an open mind towards new experiences and to respect the things and people who like them even though they might not like it.

Sadly, many people ignore this important point. I see many people around me who belittle mine or other people’s interests, style or the things we like. That is why many people chose to censore some of their interests and keep them to themselves to avoid being teased or belittled.

For example, some people I know don’t tell many people that they like romantic films because they fear they will be judged. Judging people according to their interests is something which confuses me that I can’t quite understand. Yes, romantic films, so what? A person can surely like a good quality romantic film. Those who like romantic films are coded as one sided people who have certain characteristics in people’s minds alongside the belittlement. However the same people are also total science fiction fans. Contrary to many people might think, it is completely possible to like two things which are very different from each other. Just as liking both summer and winter or like to spend time at mountains and the ocean.

The Notebook, 2004


There are people who judge others according to what they dislike as many as there are who judge according to what they like. Many people love to watch horror movies nowadays. What about those who dislike them? There are those who act like liking horror movies is a necessity and see those who don’t like as “cowards” or  “weak”. This is a very wrong conclusion, there is no logic in seeing someone as a “weak” person just because they don’t like to watch movies which contain violence, thrilling scenes and scary content time to time. Those who like horror movies aren’t one of those heroes which we see in films after all. This is just like how some people like lemon’s sourness while some don’t, so it is no big deal.

Silence of the Lambs, 1991

These are the simplest and the most clear examples of the judgment going on about arts. Of course we need to evaluate the artistic content we receive while avoiding making judgments about people. After all, being open to everything regardlessly is not salutary either, we must evaluate the value of the content and determine if we should take it seriously or not.

The important point is to balance being open minded towards new arts content and being respectfully selective.