If you’re interested in poetry or quotes, it’s likely that you saw something on instagram signed ‘SEEKER’

If you didn’t, you’re lucky we did because this page is a must follow for a daily dose of inspiration and general quotes about life.

We had the chance to interview Rhiannon, who runs the account and who constantly shares her interesting thoughts with the world, so that other people can benefit from them too. Here are her answers.

When and why did you start writing?

Writing formally has only recently become a big part of my life. I had a whole lot of thoughts I needed to let breathe. That was the main reason I started. Everyone has their thing to express themselves, and writing seemed like the most natural form of expression to me, and I liked that I’d found a way to do that.


What did you want to be when you were little?

Not one particular thing, really. I loved art.

What does your typical day look like?

Haha, still working on what a ‘typical’ day even is! I really would love more routine. I have a coffee (or three) every day. I love that.

What’s been on your mind lately?

I’ve been thinking about how to create more of a routine in my life. Trying to incorporate doing the things I love most, every day.

What are some struggles you have come across in the past that made you who you are today? 

Everyone has their struggles. I felt like for a long time, I had more than my fair share of struggles for a twenty-one-year-old. Which I kind of did. A big conflict I have had to overcome was discovering why I kept going back to things that I knew deep down would never make me happy.


Why did you decide to share your words on instagram?

Dreams. I have so many of them, and I want to achieve them, and Instagram seemed like a good place to start.

You live in Brisbane, Australia. What would you recommend someone to do if they were there for a day?

I don’t hang out in the city too much, but I have some favourite cafe spots just out of the city.


If you could talk to anyone (alive or dead) for one hour who would it be?

Paulo Coelho.

How would your friends describe you in three words? 

Funny, determined, and influential apparently, haha.


Is everything you write based on experience or are there other sources of inspiration?

Everything is from my own experience and my work is sort of the expression of the inspiration of my life.

If you could give your high school self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Whatever is making you happy right now, do that as much as possible.


Is there anything else that you would like people to know?

If you’re following my work on Instagram – thank you. I have found words to be one of my strengths, and I love knowing they are being read more and more.